US Sports Betting Site Withdrawals

When you are looking for an online sportsbook to join, it is very important to consider the various payout methods offered by the site. You want to try to find a site that offers as many options as possible. This will make it much easier for you to recoup your winnings. Getting the run-around is never fun, but when educated about which sportsbooks have quick, reliable payouts, and the withdrawal methods they use, American sports bettors will have no issues with getting their hard earned winnings in a timely manner.

On the following page, we will break down the process of how payouts work, as well as discuss safety and security issues that surround US residents getting payments from online sports betting sites. Additionally, you will learn about the general process of how to request a payout. We’ll even provide a FAQ on a number of payout-related issues, including checks, cash wire services, bank wire transfers, cash and gift cards, and other methods too. We’ll talk about the fastest payout methods available and tell you about some sports betting sites with the best payout methods. Let’s get started.

How Sportsbook Payouts Work

A payout simply means a withdrawal of your winnings. Different sites have different payout methods. Some of them have fees and some don’t. Some have minimum and maximum withdrawal limits. Some are only available on certain days and at certain times. Unfortunately a federal betting law, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act puts restrictions on the methods by which you can send and receive money. Because of the UIGEA, you cannot use credit cards to receive payouts. Thankfully, there are many ways you can receive your payouts without conflicting with the law. These include a cashier’s check, money order, gift cards, prepaid cards, Bitcoin, or even sportsbook to sportsbook transfers. We will look more closely at these methods later on, and will answer in detail all the questions you may have about payouts.

Are Alternative Sportsbook Payout Methods Safe To Use?

Yes, all of the payout methods you’ll find on a safe US sports betting site must fully comply with the UIGEA. The sites use top-grade encryption and security software to prevent identity theft. They serve millions of customers and have proven track records of honesty and integrity. The online sportsbooks we review all have gaming licenses and certificates of excellence. Otherwise, no one would trust these sites with their money. If, by some crazy fluke, you have a problem with your payout, you can always call a site’s customer service hotline, available 24 hours a day. The folks who run these sites go out of their way to make sure that you feel at ease.

How To Request A Sportsbook Withdrawal

When you're ready to get money out of your account, it should be as simple as going to the sportsbook's cashier page and requesting the amount you wish to withdraw, however you should be aware of stipulations for using each payout method, as things like the min/max limit can definitely have an effect on your choice for payment delivery. Once you have chosen the method that works best for the amount of your withdrawal, the fees you're willing to pay, and the time you need to receive your payout, press the submit button and you should see some type of payout request confirmation, either on the next screen or in an email.

At this point, it is important to know that some users will be asked to fill out an identity verification form (if credit/debit cards were used to deposit) to prove that they are the owner of the account's funding source depending on which sportsbook is being used; most USA sports betting sites require this step be taken before accepting a deposit at a US aportsbook from a player, but either way, it only has to be done once for the life of the account. Upon successful processing of your payment, the online sportsbook should then send some type of confirmation to let users know that their payment is on the way. If you have questions at any time during this process do not hesitate to contact the cashier for support or payment status updates.

Sportsbook Withdrawal Methods For USA Players

As we alluded to earlier, there are numerous payout methods available to USA players. Sportsbook users typically choose one method over another because of things like the time it takes to receive a payout from start to finish, any fees that the user may incur when getting payment, and the minimum and maximum amounts that can be transferred. Some users may not have a bank account and want to be paid in cash; selecting the proper withdrawal method for the preferred form of payment is one way that users decide between options. Learn about many of the popular sportsbook payout methods used by USA residents below, including some of the finer points that we mentioned earlier.

What is the Fastest Payout Method?

Many players will want to choose a speedy method of payment. Bank Wire Transfers are very fast, usually within a day. Due to the high minimums and fees, though, most people won’t want to go with this option. Bitcoin is also very fast, but not everyone wants to go through the trouble of setting up a Bitcoin address. Cash wire transfers through Western Union or MoneyGram are both fast and reliable methods that we highly recommend for anyone needing a quick payout. Although processing can take up to 48 hours, it usually takes much less time, about 36 hours or fewer.

Sportsbook Payouts By Check

To request a payout via check, first go to where it says either “funding methods” or “online cashier” within the pages of the online sportsbook you're using. A list of deposit and payout methods will appear on the screen. Be sure that you are look at payouts and not deposits. Click where it says “cashier’s check.” Now you can enter a payout amount up to $7,500 depending on the sportsbook. And if you are worried about the check getting lost, don't worry, as you can always call the customer service number listed on the site. If a check were to get lost, it wouldn't be your fault and you should have no problems having another cashier's check issued by the sportsbook, so don't worry about that at all.

Payout Time: It all depends on the delivery method selected. Check sportsbook payouts could take anywhere from 5 to 20 business days to arrive depending on various factors. This is, of course, after the check has been processed by the sportsbook so finding a site that processes payments quickly is important.

Payout Fees: Although many online sportsbooks offer one free check payout per month, users may acrue charges for additional check payouts depending on the sportsbook's policies. The approximate fee for additional check payments varies by sportsbook, the amount being withdrawn, and the delivery method selected. As a general rule, the faster the payment delivery system, the higher the cost.

Payout Limits: The minimum payout varies by sportsbook but can be as low as $100 as some sites. On the opposite side, checks are good for people wanting big payouts since the maximum payouts can be as high as $10,000. Additionally, some sportsbooks will have limits to the amount of check withdrawal requests a user can make during a given time.

Sportsbook Payouts By Wire Transfer

Also known as a cash wire, or person-to-person (Western Union, MoneyGram, etc.), this payout method can be made from one band account to another, or through a cash transfer at a cash office. Some locations are available 24 hours a day, while some are only available at certain times. You can always contact the customer service hotline of the site to get more information. When you're ready to get paid, proceed to the cashier page of the online sportsbook you're using, and you should see it clearly listed under the site's payout methods. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your account, and make your choice of wiring service; each wire service is not the same as fees and limits can be different.

Payout Time: Processing times for cash wire transfers usually takes anywhere from 6 to 48 hours after your request is submitted. After your withdrawal is processed, it usually takes up to 24 hours to receive your transfer, however this time can be as low as a few hours. When using wire transfers to secure payment from sportsbooks, it is totally possible to have cash in your hand the same day.

Payout Fees: The fees vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, as well as which amount and wire service you choose. For MoneyGram withdrawals, the fee usually ranges from $10 to $75, but that is not a concrete number. In respect, fees for Western Union payouts are usually between $15 and $110. Contact your sportsbook's cashier to find out if either service is available, the fees, and if they will waive those fees; sportsbooks will typically cover costs for loyal users.

Payout Limits: Limits for wire transfers are not the most friendly for those playing with a large bankroll, but for the rest of us these limits usually make this option very attractive. Again, each service has different minimum and maximum amounts, but you can generally get wire transfer payouts as low as $50, and as high as $800. Additionally, some sportsbooks limit users to two (2) wire transfer withdrawals per week so be sure to check into that if this might cause an issue for you.

Sportsbook Payouts By Bank Wire

This payout option is basically having funds wired directly to your bank account from your sportsbook's bank account. This type of payout method is usually used when withdrawing larger amounts of money. The fees are relatively high, and it's not always an option for new sportsbook users; some sports betting sites will require the user to get prior clearance before being allowed to initiate setting up a bank wire withdrawal. Once approved, users must submit instructions to their bank, and provide the account and routing number for where they want the funds sent, and also fill out a special form from their bank. If you want to go this route, first contact the sportsbook's cashier for exact instructions.

Payout Time: If you are looking for quick payouts, this is one of the faster methods of withdrawal. Users' money is usually deposited into their accounts within one business day after the sportsbook has processed the payment request. In comparison to depositing funds with a paper check, bank wire payouts are by far the better choice in terms of speed.

Payout Fees: Unfortunately, the fees for receiving sports betting payouts directly into your bank account are relatively high for this convenience. In general, but don't quote us, these fees might be anywhere from $45 to $75, however some sportsbooks will cover these on qualifying withdrawals from loyal users.

Payout Limits: The minimum payout amount is usually around $1,000 at most sportsbooks offering this option. While banks don’t have maximums limits set for incoming payments, it is best to keep transactions under $10,000; if you need more, we suggest breaking the payment up even if your sportsbook ends up charging for each request/payout.

Sportsbook Payouts By Prepaid Gift Cards

One of the new ways to get paid by online sportsbooks are through reloadable gift/credit cards. If your sportsbook allows payouts through this method, you can contact the cashier to get all the details about the particular brands of cards that can be used to get paid. This is a very convenient and fast payout method, but know that many sports betting sites will require users to be repaid to the same card used to deposit. This means that if you didn't fund your account with a prepaid card, you will not be allowed to be paid with one...the best course of action may be to pay the cashier a visit during the deposit process to check their rules.

Payout Time: It doesn't take long to receive sports betting withdrawals to gift cards once payment has successfully processed. In fact, many cash cards are credited on the same day of successful processing, and that money can then be used to purchase whatever you need, pay bills, etc.

Payout Fees: The nice thing about cash cards and gift cards is that there are very little fees involved. This is another reason why gift cards are popular. They are cheap and convenient.

Payout Limits: The minimum and maximum payout amounts fluctuate depending on the specific brand of card. In general, many of the prepaid cards have set limits of $1,000 max, so most sportsbooks typically do not allow more than $300 to $500 to paid out to a prepaid card.

Sportsbook Payouts By Bitcoin

Bitcoin can best be described as virtual, or digital money. Many use bitcoin for a variety of online services, and now one of those services is online sportsbook withdrawals. Bitcoin users benefit from the small minimums, and high or nonexistent maximums. Users will need to have a Bitcoin account, and deposit into their sportsbook with that account, in order to get paid using Bitcoins.

Payout Time: Payouts through Bitcoin will usually be transferred within 24 hours. Because it is digital currency, the transfer time is generally pretty fast, and you don’t have to wait for a bank to process the transfer which saves a lot of time.

Payout Fees: Most USA sports betting sites don’t charge a fee for using Bitcoin. There are exchange rates, however, which is kind of like a fee depending on value of your country's currency versus the value of a Bitcoin. The Bitcoin /.USD exchange rate varies daily.

Payout Limits: Some sportsbooks specify that there is not minimum or maximum if you use Bitcoin exclusively. If there is a minimum, it’s usually very low, about $20. The maximums are large, anywhere from $3500 to no maximum, depending on the sports betting site.

Sports Betting Sites With The Fastest Payouts

We have examined in detail the nuts and bolts of payouts. I hope that you have a firmer grasp of the ins and outs of the various methods on offer. Now, let us choose a safe sports betting sites for US residents. We’ve looked into many of them, and found what we think are some of the very best US sportsbooks the web has to offer. The site we chose offers many fast and reliable payout options. It is a world-renowned legitimate sportsbooks that we think you will be excited to try out.

BetOnline - Welcomes New Players with a 25% Sign-Up Bonus!

One of the most reliable and trusted sportsbooks on the web is BetOnline Sportsbook. This site is top-of-the-line, offering one of the most comprehensive and exhaustive sportsbooks you’ll find anywhere. Its security features are as up-to-date as possible; it has bonuses galore for everyone, and features the very latest and greatest mobile and live in-game betting. BetOnline’s interface is easy and user-friendly, and provides helpful customer service if you ever need it (which you won’t). Best of all, it features one of the best payout selections of any online sportsbook.

At BetOnline, you’ll find all the most popular payout methods on the web: Person to Person, Bitcoin, Bank Wire Transfers, etc. Person to Person, also known as Cash Wire transactions are a popular, reliable and fast payout method. You’ll get your payout in less than 36 hours with no hassle. For the computer savvy, try Bitcoin. The minimums are very small (just 2% of the total payout), and your Bitcoin account will be credited within 48 hours. Bank Wire Transfers are perfect for the swanky baller who likes to withdraw wads of cash at a time, and fast. Of course, BetOnline’s payout page also includes checks, which are old-fashioned and always a welcome surprise in the mailbox.

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