U.S. Sports Betting Sites

For those that are on the fence about signing up at a USA online sportsbook, this site is here to make that final push. The goal of this place is to teach players everything there is to know about wagering on sports over the internet. There are many safe and trusted sites out there that welcome players from all over the US, and we are going to show you the minutiae of how they function, and how to take advantage of the many benefits they offer.

This page is going to explain the legality of online sports wagering, and get you up to speed on the options that are available. We will also go over the features and bonuses of online sportsbooks for US players. Read on, and get ready to make some money.

Is It Legal To Bet Sports Online?

The straightforward answer to this question is yes, as long as you use a trusted and reputable site. There are certain stipulations a site must follow in order to function. Many of the laws can seem convoluted and impenetrable, but we will distill them in to easy-to-read chunks. All of the sites that we review follow these guidelines and rules in order to serve players from all over. You will see that there are numerous advantages to using a safe US sports betting site. Make sure to visit our in depth law pages for much more information about each regulation.

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Best Sports Betting Sites For Americans

As you can tell, we are all about some great US sports betting sites. These are places for sports fanatics to call home, and they are legal across the board. Almost every legit sports betting site will accept players from every state, so no one should have a problem finding a new wagering haven. We would like to introduce you to some of our favorite sportsbooks on the web.

Bovada Sportsbook

Are you interested in betting on sports teams but don’t live anywhere near a gaming establishment? On the other hand, maybe you live in Las Vegas or Reno but don’t feel comfortable going into a casino. If so, you might want to consider USA online sportsbook. These are sites that accept players from most, if not all of the nation. Bovada is where you’ll find the best selection of casino games and sportsbooks on the web. Be forewarned however, as Bovada does not accept players from New Jersey, Delaware, Oregon, or Montana. Don’t worry, if you are in any of these states there are plenty of other options, so check out our other reviews.

When you join Bovada's online sportsbook, you’ll be able to take advantage of a great selection of bonuses and promotions. Bovada will give you a Welcome Bonus of 50% once you make a deposit. You can use your Welcome Bonus on whichever sport you like. Check out Bovada for other great bonuses, like the $250 Sports Cash Bonus, the reload bonus, and the refer-a-friend.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

If you are looking for a great online sportsbook for US players, look no further than SportsBetting, a phenomenal all-in-one USA sports betting site. This site features some of the most current, cutting-edge features of any online book on the web. You can bet on any game, anytime and anywhere with SportsBetting’s powerful mobile sports betting technology. If you’re a high-rolling jet setter like me, nothing less than the best will suffice. It’s time to step up your game.

With mobile sports betting, you’ll be able to use your smartphone, iPhone, or other portable device to bet on a multitude of sports options, including football, baseball, basketball, boxing, soccer, golf, hockey, auto racing, and MMA, just to name a few. All you have to do is go to SportsBetting's website, sign into your account using your mobile device, select your preferred sport and wager type, and confirm a wager amount. Damn, it sure feels good to be a winner.

BetOnline Sportsbook

There are plenty of online sportsbooks that accept US players, but only a handful are up to snuff. BetOnline is one of the latter, and it is hard for me to think of a book that I have enjoyed using more than this one. BetOnline welcomes pros and amateurs alike, and has a wealth of helpful information to help you get started. If you have never used a sportsbook, BetOnline will have you stacking up parlays and teaser bets in no time.

We all like and expect convenience in this day and age, and BetOnline offers it in spades. With the mobile betting feature, you can log in from your phone for free and access the complete award winning sportsbook. No more being late to bet on a game because you are stuck in line at the grocery store, BetOnline has got your back. There is no download required for this sweet bonus, just log into your account from your iPhone, Tablet, or other mobile device, and you are all set.

5Dimes Sportsbook

5Dimes is popular among all of the hardcore USA sports bettors that I know. This is because the site eschews the crazy graphics and promotional gimmickry in lieu of a supremely sophisticated sportsbook. You will find a plethora of wager types in an easy to read series of screens that flows perfectly. The learning curve is nil, and the betting is fast and in your face. 5Dimes is the place for serious bettors that want to get in and start wagering without superfluous distractions.

An additional incentive for joining this excellent US sports betting site is a feature called reduced juice. This is automatically available to every member of the site, and cuts the usual amount of juice (vigorish) in half on most bets. The juice is the amount that the house takes for a bit in order to make a profit, and with reduced juice, you will be spending much less to win more.

Things That Make One Online Sportsbook Different From Another

There are many things to look for when you venture into the world of online sports betting in the USA. The slew of features and bonuses on offer can seem overwhelming at first. We will now go through some of the bare essentials that the best sites offer lucky players. Each site has all or most of the features we will go over, and each site puts their own unique spin on them.

Sportsbook Deposit Methods: Deposits are probably the most important aspect of any site, because if you can’t add funds to your account, you can’t bet. The online cashier of any site will show you the methods that are available, and by and large most sites offer the same batch of options. The most popular way to make a deposit is by way of a credit/debit card. Every site will offer this quick and simple method, which works much the same as purchasing something from your favorite online retailer. You will also find cash wire transfers, money orders, bank wires, cash/gift cards, bitcoin, and more. Each method comes with varying fees, speeds, and limits. Check out our USA sportsbook deposits page to read up on all of this.

Sportsbook Payouts & Withdrawals: After you have had a blast wagering on your favorite teams and leagues, it will eventually be time to make a withdrawal. Getting your hard-won money in your hands is simple and fast at the top-tier USA online sportsbooks. Just like deposits, there are many ways to collect your funds. One method you will not find is a credit/debit card withdrawal. This is because the UIGEA deems them unfit. The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives that these sites use, and they are all excellent. Two of the most popular payout methods are checks and cash wire services (MoneyGram and Western Union). Checks are as simple as they have always been. The site will send a check addressed to you, which you can cash at your local bank. Cash wires are faster, but come with higher fees. You will also find bank wires, cash/gift cards, bitcoin, and more. Each method is accompanied by differing speeds, fees, and limits. Check out our USA sportsbook payouts page to read more.

Bonus Promotions & Other Player Perks: This is where we start to talk about the good stuff. The free SWAG you get for being a member of a world-class U.S. sports betting site. Each site will have promotions and bonuses that will reward you for signing up, and continuing to be loyal. Most sportsbooks will have a welcome bonus that will add a certain percentage to you initial deposit if you opt to take advantage of it. You will also find reload bonuses, which will add free money to all of your subsequent qualifying deposits. Both of these incentives usually come with promo codes to send in to let the site know you want to take part. There are also rollover requirements, meaning you will have to spend the deposit amount a certain number of times before being able to withdraw the bonus. You will also find reduced juice bonuses, which take a slice of the vig, as well as refer-a-friend bonuses, mobile promotions, and more. Check out our USA sportsbook bonuses page to read more.

Mobile Betting On Smartphones + Tablets: Have you ever been away from your computer when you favorite team is playing, and wished that you could throw a few bills on the game? Well, this no longer has to be an issue with mobile betting. Offered by every US online sportsbook worth its salt, this amazing feature lets you take the entire sportsbook along with you on your travels. Not only will you be able to bet on your favorite games, you will also be able to make deposits, request payouts, and manage your account. This is like having a complete wagering site in the palm of your hands.

Live Wagering In Real Time: Another spectacular addition to the online sportsbooks is the live/in-game betting feature. Sportsbooks that feature live wagering apps show games that are currently in progress, or starting soon. This advanced software allows you to wager on the odds as they change right in front of your eyes. You can make as many wagers as you would like throughout the course of a game. The odds will update with every shift in the action, making this a phenomenally fun and exciting way to wager. This is also great for if you happen to be late to bet on a game, as you can jump in at any time and start placing your bets.

More About The Legality of Online Sports Betting In The U.S.

Federal Laws: The federal laws govern sports betting for the whole of America. This is actually a good thing, because it means that anyone from any state can use a site as long as a: the site accepts players from your state, and b: the site functions legally under the federal laws. Almost all of the sites we review take residents of all fifty states, and they all follow the rules of the federal laws.

The two main laws that affect online sports wagering are the Wire Act and the UIGEA. The Wire Act goes back to 1961, when it was brought about to battle the mafia. The Wire Act restricts the use of wire communication devices transferring wagering information between states. Luckily, all of the sites you will be using operate overseas, where the Wire Act has no effect. The UIGEA only focuses on funding methods, deeming sites unable to send funds directly to a players credit card account. This is no problem though, as all of these sites use a plethora of safe and fast transaction methods. Check out our federal law sports betting laws page to learn much more about all of this.

State Laws: Many people are unaware that states, for the most part, do not regulate sports betting. This is because the federal government takes it upon themselves to write the rules. There is a federal law entitled the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) that decides whether or not a state can offer sportsbooks. The PASPA only allows sports betting activities in Delaware, Nevada, Montana, and Oregon. This means that you will not find a sports wagering establishment in any other state. Out of these four states, only Delaware and Nevada actually take advantage of the option to offer sports betting. Nevada is home to some amazing sportsbooks with great options, while Delaware has very limited possibilities. You can read much more about this on our state sports betting laws page.

Legal Betting Age: One thing that states do regulate is betting age. Almost all states have a legal age between 18 and 21. For instance, Nevada and Delaware have a wagering age of 21, because their land-based sportsbooks all serve alcohol. Some state set the age at 19, while others do not have a specific age outlined. This all comes down to the fact that online sportsbooks, for the most part, require players to be 18 or older. That being the case, it is a good idea to check your local laws before signing up. If your state sets the age at 21, it is best to wait until you are of age before signing up for an online sportsbook. Check out our legal sports betting age page for more information.